cozy lounge

4 Tricks to Make Your Lounge More Cozy

Let’s face it. You spend most of your times in your living room then in your bedrooms. While the lounge area has been accused of turning everyone lazier than usual, this is a fact that there is nothing greater than a cozy, comfortable living room. These big areas come with their own layout and decorating challenges, after all relaxation does come with a cost. Usually, this turns out in the form of a lousy lounge or a mixture of everything. But help always exists. Serta futons beds also make a beautiful addition to your living room.

So here are a few steps which will make your lounge the most pleasant yet elegant area of your house:

1. Understanding Paint

This can not be stressed enough. Always know the balance of colors. While the classic white walls will never disappoint you, but sometimes a bolder contrast is what the eye needs. A easy way to cozy things up is by painting two-tone walls, as it confuses the eye into thinking the ceilings are lower than usual, which makes the lounge look compact. Not only will the darker hue absorb the extra light, it will always reflect a more cozier aura.

2. Defining Zones

A large sitting area will give you the feeling of as if you are sitting in different continents. This is why the best way to over come that exhausting distance is to define different zones. While the three-seat and the single seat sofa can be arranged at the center, the whole area can be divided by adding a console table at the back. Just like that, you can dedicate a corner to the books by adding in a chair or two with a book rack. L-shaped sofas are a excellent choice when it comes to dividing the lounge layout.

3. Bring in the Extra Pillows

You can never go wrong with pillows. Whether it is the bedroom, the guest room or any other room, if you need a comfortable feeling, just add in the extra blankets and pillows. While blankets eventually end up looking like clutter, but the pillows will always come to use and give you the extra comfort. Not only this, special massage cushions can be incorporated as well. For those who have back problems, this can be the best reason to bring out your pulsating back massager and get yourself some extra support.

4. Don’t Over-do

Too many elements will always suffocate your room. Too many frames on the walls, too many tables and even several decoration pieces will scream. The trick is to keep it simple and straight. The unnecessary decor is not only a heavy price tag to carry but it will bring in a lot of contrasting, uncomfortable colors.