Bespoke, chemical-free upholstered sofas in both traditional and contemporary styles. Provide us with a photo, magazine clipping or drawing and we can build a sofa or chair to fit your requirements and choice of fabric.

You can be sure that the materials we use for our upholstery are environmentally sustainable and a healthier option for you and your family as we use natural and organic materials that comply with The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988 without the use of chemical flame retardants.

Chemical flame retardants can off gas and find their way into our bodies with potentially harmful effects on our health. Formaldehyde, found in chemical flame retardants as well as wood preservatives and glues, are known to cause symptons such as nausea, coughing, allergic reactions and fatigue. According to the World Health Organisation, it can cause cancer in humans and animals.

Further more most chemicals flame retardants have been tested on animals as have synthetic dyes, scotch guard, finishers and chemicals used within conventional textiles and furnishing materials.

The fabrics we use are biodegradable and the dyes are non-toxic and have a low impact on the environment.

The woods in our furniture are recycled or sustainable, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified and formaldehyde-free.

We use non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, water-based glues and our wood finishes are non-toxic, polyurethane-free and environmentally friendly.

Our upholstered furniture is handmade in the UK using sustainable materials sourced from the UK, Germany and Scandinavia.

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