Weird Household Uses For Dental Products- Don’t Tell The Glasgow Dental Practice

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Did you know that many of the items in your everyday dental routine can have other uses in and around your home? Although the Glasgow dental practice will try and convince you to keep your toothbrush for your teeth, we’ve got other ideas. Each stage in your oral health process can be used elsewhere in the house in a range of different uses. Some of which we can guarantee you definitely didn’t think of.

Read on and find out some of the weirdest uses for dental products that the Glasgow dental practice is going to tell you to avoid!

Toothpaste/Toothbrush To Clean Everything

Toothpaste is a brilliant mild abrasive for cleaning just about everything. It’s especially great for cleaning up small scratches on DVDs and CDs- just be sure to be gentle with them! It can also get crayon markings off of your walls if you are blessed with artistic kids… On top of that, it also can remove ink and makeup stains from your clothes can get the iron looking sparkling new and will even help reduce redness and swelling if you have a breakout.

When it comes to toothbrushes they are just as handy! They are perfect for cleaning hard to reach space. This could include the buttons on your keyboard at work or even the treads of your shoes. Got a hairdryer or fan that is a bit clogged with dust? A toothbrush will be able to clean that away no problem.

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Dental Floss To Chop Your Cheese

This one you might not use as often but it’s still very handy! You can use dental floss to cut perfect slices in all sorts of soft cheeses. Use a small stretch of dental floss to cut your brie and you will avoid squishing it or ending up with misshapen slices!

Mouthwash To Clean Your Screens

If you struggle with smeared screens on your laptop, tv or phone, then mouthwash can help. Use a very small amount on a lint free cloth and your screens will be left sparkling clean. Makes sure not to use too much as this will just give you more streaks than before!

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What The Glasgow Dental Practice Says…

Although this is impressive, our friends at the local Glasgow dental practice agree that all of these should really be kept for maintaining great dental health. We think you should be allowed to have a balance! As long as you have your regular check-ups visiting your dentist, then you should be fine. Just remember to brush twice a day, floss once a day and use mouthwash after your meals. This will help keep your teeth in tip-top condition!