Quick and Easy Guide to Your Annual Maintenance Checklist

Wooden floor duster being pushed along the floor as part of the annual maintenance checklist

Landing on your dream flat takes some effort and skimming through thousands of options so people do tend to slack off once they manage to get what they are looking for. Maintaining your house and keeping things in order can keep you as happy as you were the day you bought it and it also saves you money when it comes to fixing bigger problems. Follow this guide to learn how you can keep up with your annual maintenance checklist for your home.

Clean your refrigerator

Making sure the fridge’s coils do not gather any dust can keep them from getting ruined. If the coils which are located either below the fridge or behind gather a lot of dirt it can affect the temperature regulation that needs to be maintained. There are plenty of tools that you can buy online that will help make this process within your annual maintenance checklist easier.

Heating systems

If you have a heating system installed then it is recommended that you check it at least twice a year with a professional. This is because if you spot a problem with the system early on, it can be fixed rather than money going down the drain later when you have to buy a new one. The system can be checked for any damage that may be present and whether everything is working as it should.

Check on Your Appliances as Part of Your Annual Maintenance Checklist


Checking places that are not used by you very often is crucial when you think about the future. If you suddenly need to start using it you could find problems that have been present for months. Occasionally flushing unused toilets and running taps that are not used frequently takes a minute and can assure you that everything is in working order. This is an important step in your annual maintenance checklist.

Keep an eye on your water heater

Most plumbers will ask you to drain out your water heater once every few months to elongate the life of the heater. This is because water heaters tend to collect a deposit at the bottom of the tank if it is not drained on a regular basis. This ultimately causes spots at the bottom that reduce the life of the appliance and you will even see leaking sooner than you would have expected.

Water tap in the back garden being checked as the annual maintenance checklist

Clean Everything to Complete Your Annual Maintenance Checklist

Take one day every six months and round up the entire family to give your house a complete cleaning from top to bottom. If you allocate a day to the cleanliness of your house it will keep everyone focused and you will find spots that have needed a vacuum for months. It will also give you a great sense of achievement once you are done and you can adore the new-house feel for a few days.